13th August 2022

After several years of offering Life Skills workshops to participants of the school fee program, we are now taking the next step and expanding the Life Skills program to schools. The goal is to provide life skills in combination with sports, tutoring and games to a larger number of children and youth. A partnership with St. John's College Kagoma, a secondary school in Buwenge district, was established in August.

10th July 2022

Since 2020, our goat project has been strengthening the resilience of families in rural areas. The families receive and keep goats, and the offspring are shared between the families and Study for Life Ltd. The latter passes on their offspring to other families in the community. Nine women and their families are currently benefiting from the project in the community of Kibundaire, which has grown to 25 goats this year. The project is managed by the women's group.

A chairperson acts as a contact person for the other women, ensures contact with Study for Life Ltd and carries out the documentation of births and transfer of goats. In the future, the women would like to carry out further income-generating activities together as a group.

01st February 2022

After 22 months, the world's longest pandemic-related school closure, schools opened in Uganda on January 10. The education system, communities and families, as well as children and young people, are now facing major challenges. Numerous schools have been forced to close due to lack of income, and a significant proportion of teaching staff have changed jobs in the past two years. Many families have not yet recovered financially from the last lockdown, while the majority of children and youth have significant learning gaps.

26th August 2021

After the lockdown in Uganda has been lifted at the end of July, we are now supporting the families of sponsored students in rebuilding their livelihoods by providing micro-credits. With the help of small and flexible loans families have the chance to restart and boost their income-generating activities.

Despite the negative effects on children and youths and urgent calls by multilateral organizations and civil society, schools in Uganda remain closed. We have restarted the coaching program to ensure that vulnerable children and youths continue to have access to education.

20th July 2021

Due to a sharp increase in Covid-19 cases, a strict lockdown has been imposed in Uganda four weeks ago. After at least 300,000 Ugandans have been pushed below the national poverty line last year, livelihoods are being disrupted once again, and vulnerably families have been affected the most. We have provided emergency food aid to families of sponsored students and we will support them in rebuilding their livelihoods once the lockdown is over. Any support is highly appreciated!

14th June 2021

Last week, we were able to give out ten goats to vulnerable families in the community of Kibundaire as part of our community goats project. Since poverty is one of the main barriers to education, we can contribute to improved access to education for vulnerable children and youths through income generation. In this process, it is particularly important to us to build on and strengthen existing capacities and skills.

17th May 2021

During the first lockdown, the older sister of Rahma, Fahad and Swafuwatah lost her job. She was able to start a tailoring business is now teaching her younger siblings how to sew.

08th April 2021

Our three candidates have finished their PLE and UCE exams and are currently waiting for their results. We are excited that semi-candidate classes returned to school in March. All other classes will return to school until June.

We are excited about our third baby goat! Our goat project is growing and supporting the families of sponsored students in generating income and increasing their resilience.

04th February 2021

Our three students in candidate classes have been back to school for two weeks and are preparing for their final exams which will take place at the end of March/beginning of April. The return of children and youths in other classes is currently being discussed. We keep on supporting our sponsored pupils with learning materials and Coaching sessions to enable access to education until they return to school.

02nd January 2021

You can now protect yourself and support our work by purchasing a Study for Life face mask for 5€/piece! The non-medical masks have a nose bracket and can be washed at 60°C. To place your order, send an email to

30th December 2020

Last week, we organized an end-of-year family meeting. The sponsored students and their guardians had the opportunity to share their challenges of the past months as well as their plans for the new year. All families received a food package and hygiene products.

18th October 2020

Last Thursday, schools in Uganda reopened for candidate classes. We are glad that our students in P7 and S4 are back in school. All other sponsored students continue to attend coaching sessions that support their learning process, enable them to ask questions, and help them keep up their motivation.

18th September 2020

The lockdown in Uganda has been partly lifted and our families were able to resume their income-generating activities. As schools remain closed, our focus is on providing learning opportunities for our sponsored students. All students have been equipped with self-study materials and receive coaching sessions on a weekly basis.

12th August 2020

In the past week, we visited all our students and their families at their homes and supported them in meeting their basic needs. To enable access to education until schools reopen, we distributed learning materials to all children and youths from our program.

05th August 2020

We are excited about the first baby goat from our goat project! The project supports the families of sponsored students in generating income and in strengethening their resilience to income shocks.

13th June 2020

In the past weeks, we continued to support our sponsored students and their families with staple foods and hygiene products such as soap and sanitary pads. Currently, we are working on ways to enable the children and youth access to education until schools reopen. After the lockdown has been partly lifted, some of our families were able to resume their income-generating activities.

15th April 2020

In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19, public life in Uganda was shut down three weeks ago. All schools have been closed and many vulnerable families have lost their sources of income. We distributed 10 kg of maize flour and soap to all families supported by Study for Life that will help them get through this hard time.

10th March 2020

With the support of a micro-credit from Study for Life, Jane's father was able to obtain his drivers licence at the beginning of the year and successfully started a boda boda (motorbike taxi) business.

25th February 2020

In the past days, we visited our sponsored students at home or at school. The families we added to the program in January showed us their income generating activities and told us about their future plans.

Together with one family of the program we built a drip irrigation from plastic bottles for their garden. The slow dripping prevents loss of water and enables the water to reach the roots of the plants even during the dry season when the soil gets very hard. This efficient way of irrigation will help the family save costs and increase their yield.

17th February 2020

At yesterday's family meeting, our sponsored students took part in workshops on the topics of problem-solving, creative thinking, and decision-making. Their guardians discussed the childrens right to participation and refreshed their knowledge of book-keeping and saving.

14th February 2020

Last week, we finally set off our goats project. The goats are being kept by the families of our sponsored students and will generate income for the families; diversifying their income will help them become more resilient to income shocks. At the same time, the goats will generate funds for our various programs and enable us to support more vulnerable families.

03rd February 2020

Our students enjoyed their long holidays and finally started school again today! All students were promoted to the next class and received scholastic materials and a new pair of shoes last week.

24th January 2020

Last weekend, the first family meeting of 2020 took place. The sponsored students and their guardians came together to discuss the new school year which is starting at the beginning of February. We are happy that we were able to include three more students in the school fees program. The students in Primary schools continued to attend coaching sessions three times a week in January to strengthen basic reading, writing and numeracy skills.

28th December 2019

On Boxing day, our annual Christmas party took place. After having lunch together, the sponsored students spent the afternoon with the children of the community-based organisation Esubi Kids which is located in Kyabirwa. The village is situated 9 km away from Jinja Town at the shores of river Nile. The children and youths played, danced, and laughed together; all sponsored students received a gift. 

16th December 2019

During the long holidays, our primary school students are taking part in coaching sessions three times a week in order to improve on their English skills, to practice reading, and to revise the material that has been taught over the year.

06th December 2019

Last Friday, the school year in Uganda ended. During the holidays which will run until the beginning of February we will offer a holiday program for our sponsored students. Despite heavy rainfalls, we were able to set off the program yesterday with a meeting of all parents and students. After having breakfast together, the students participated in workshops on the topics of time management & self-organization as well as self-esteem. Furthermore, we were able to give out two more micro-credits and continued the planning process of the goat project.

01st November 2019

In November and December we are going to sell our ugandan crafts at various markets in Germany. For the first time, we are also offering calenders with fotos of our activities in Uganda for the year 2020.

  • 9th November, from 4pm: Martinsmarkt at Gemeinde St. Ansgar in Flensburg, Ansgarstr. 1
  • 16th November, 10am to 4pm: Tag der Musikschule at Musikschule Flensburg, Marienkirchhof 2-3
  • 30th November, 10am to 5pm: Adventsmarkt at Walzenmühle Flensburg
  • 08th Dezember, 11am to 4.30 pm: Kreativer Handwerksbasar at Martinsstift in Flensburg, Eckernförder Landstraße 200
  • 15th Dezember, 11.15am to ca. 12.30am: after the holy service at Kirchengemeinde Mürwik, Fördestraße 4 in Flensburg


18th October 2019

Last weekend, our students and their guardians came together for a family meeting. The parents took part in an assessment of their income-generating activities. The students joined a life skills-session on organization, planning and time management and learned how to write a revision timetable.

Our three candidates started their O-level exams on 14th October.

13th September 2019

Our students are reading to go back to school on Monday! All school fees have been cleared and the kids and youths were equipped with scholastic materials. Our five candidates used the holidays to prepare themselves for the upcoming final exams in October.

The students and their guardians had the chance to share their successes and challenges at a family meeting which took place on 10th September. Furthermore, we are happy to inform you that the first micro-credit beneficiary successfully repaid her loan!

24th August 2019

Our students have finished all exams of second term and are ready to enjoy three weeks of holidays. During their holidays, they will engage in different learning activities.

18th June 2019

On Sunday, 23rd June, a team of Study for Life e.V. will participate in the 3. Flensburg-liebt-dich Marathon! Your support will be highly appreciated.

01st June 2019

After three weeks of holidays our students went back to school on 27th May. All youths were provided with scholastic materials. On 19th May, a meeting with all students and their parents took place.

20th April 2019

We kindly invite everyone to join our charity concert on 12th May 2019 at 11am. The "Flensburger Sahneschnittchen" will play for us at the Music school in Flensburg.

24th March 2019

At today's meeting with sponsored students and their guardians, we were able to give out two more micro-credits. While the younger students practiced reading with our recently purchased story books, the older students took part in a session on drug abuse and peer pressure and discussed different exam strategies and revising techniques with Coach Derrick. Furthermore, we encourage students to engage in sports activities as part of a healthy and balanced life.

18th March 2019

We are happy to announce that we were able to give out the first micro-credits to the guardians of our sponsored students. The loans will be used to set up or boost family businesses in order to improve the families’ standard of living. Together with all guardians an individual business plan was worked out where running costs, strategies to attract customers, and potential risks were identified.

04th March 2019

Over the weekend, our sponsored students and their guardians came together for a family meeting. The students joined workshops about anger management, diversity as well as consent, and took part in a teambuilding game. The guardians discussed their business ideas for the micro-credit program and practiced record keeping.

14th February 2019

On sunday, we are presenting our work during the holy service at Christus-Kirche Mürwik, Fördestraße 4 in Flensburg. The service will start at 11.15 am, afterwards you will have the chance to purchase beautiful products of our craft project.

04th February 2019

Our students are back to school! All students were provided with scholastic materials according to their requirements over the weekend.

26th January 2019

As the long holidays are about to end,  we took the sponsored students for a trip to Itanda Falls, a group of waterfalls 45 minutes away from Jinja. The kids and youths observed a kajaking race and had fun in the water. 

24th January 2019

Our students are preparing for the new school year starting on 4th February. Today, all sponsored students received a new pair of shoes.

17th December 2018

Last week Zack Kasango, Director of Study for Life in Uganda, visited the Förderverein Study for Life e.V. in Germany. Together with Anna-Maria Koeppen-Tusiime, 2. Director of the Förderverein, he held two presentations at Goethe-Schule Flensburg and engaged in a conversation with confirmees of the church Auferstehungskirche Glücksburg. At a christmas meeting, the members of the Förderverein had the chance to meet Zack. Here we presented our successes in 2018, our plans for the coming year as well as a short movie about our work which Zack produced together with our students, their parents and staff of Study for Life.

04th December 2018

Over the weekend, the students and their guardians met to teach each other how to produce different crafts. Thanks to a donation we were able to provide all participants with new clothes.

18th November 2018

Yesterday we presented the work of Study for Life at the open day of the public music school in Flensburg. If you missed out, you have the chance to buy beautiful crafts produced by the guardians of our sponsored students and receive information on our activities in Uganda at the Christmas Bazaar of the church community St. Ansgar in Flensburg on 1st December.

02nd November 2018

On 17th November, we shall present our work and sell crafts produced by the guardians of our students at the open day of the public music school in Flensburg. Visit us from 10am to 4pm!

22nd October 2018

On Sunday the guardians of our sponsored students as well as some of the children and youth participated ina meeting of the craft project. The participants exchanged knowledge on how to produce different crafts and were equipped with material to produce crafts for income generation. The products will be sold in Germany at markets and bazaars, the profits will benefit the families as well as the different projects of Study for Life in Uganda.

24th September 2018

Last monday term 3 started and all our students are back in school! The last weekend of the holidays our staff members used to conduct school and family visits. We are proud that this year the first student of our program will take part in the O-Level examinations.

13th September 2018

At today's Activity day that was organized for our sponsored students and their parents, all participants learned about topics that are essential in their daily life. The students attended workshops on Road Safety and dental health, while their parents engaged in a discussion on parenting with a facilitator of our partner organisation APPNCAN. After having breakfast together, the students received their scholastic material for third term starting on monday (17th September).

01st September 2018

Second term ended on 25th August and our students are enjoying their holidays. Last term will start mid of September.

07th August 2018

On 4th August our work was presented at the catholic church St. Ansgar in Flensburg. The participants enjoyed watching fotos of our activities in Uganda and were able to ask questions. Thanks to everyone who participated!

08th July 2018

Yesterday some of our students participated in the Humanitarian run organized by the Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS) Jinja Branch. The students had a lot of fun and were proud to represent Study for Life at this special event. Our student Rahma won the 5km Junior category. Well done everyone!

12th June 2018

Our team in Germany had a busy weekend: Our work and the crafts produced by our students' guardians were presented at two fairs in Flensburg and Sörup, Germany. On Sunday, some members of the german Förderverein participated in the Flensburg Marathon. Thanks to everyone who supported us during the weekend!

28th May 2018

On monday, all students successfully started term 2. During the holidays, the students, their parents and the volunteers of Study for Life came together for an activity day, where the youths and children participated in various acitivities and were provided with scholastic materials. Last weekend, our team visited the families and the students' schools.

07th May 2018

Term 1 is over and the students have started their first holiday of the year today! During the holidays an activity day will take place where the sponsored students meet and learn together.

On 10th July Study for Life e.V. is participating in the Flensburg Marathon in the North of Germany. Who is ready to cheer for us?

27th March 2018

At this year's members meeting of the german partner organisation Study for Life e.V. the achievement of 2017 were presented as well as our future plans. The products of the craft project were presented and ideas for funding and the attraction of new members collected.

10th March 2018

Today another family meeting took place. All students and parents participated in a workshop about how we can protect the environment. While the older students and the guardians had a discussion about stereotypes, the younger students had fun with a quiz on body hygiene. After eating lunch together, the students created pictures with fabric while the parents took part in an assessment of our programs and presented the crafts they produced for the craft project.

17th February 2018

At today's parents meeting the guardians of the sponsored students received information on important factors of their businesses such as pricing and marketing. They were as well equipped with materials for producing african crafts like baskets, paperbeads and table mats which will be sold in Germany for income generation.

For one week the coaching program has been running. The students receive support for their weak subjects on a weekly basis now. We were as well able to extend the coaching sessions from English and Mathematics to all subjects.

06th February 2018

Last week has been a busy one. We met the students to give out scholastic materials (books, pens and pencils, mathematical sets, reams, etc.) and to buy a new pair of shoes for all of them. We spent two days visiting schools and families and paying for school fees, meals and new uniforms.

20th January 2018

Today we organized a family meeting with different workshops for the students and their guardians. The students assessed their challenges and achievements of 2017 and set goals for 2018. The guardians learnt about business skills and how to keep records.

14rd January 2018

Today we received great news: Two of our candidates reached 7 aggregates in their Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE)! One of them achieved the best marks in his school. We are proud and happy about their very good performance.

Furthermore a meeting with the members of Study for Life Uganda kicked off today. We collected a lot of ideas and started making plans for 2018. Thanks to everyone who attended!

03rd January 2018

Regular coaching sessions help our students prepare for the next year.

25th December 2017

This christmas was a great one! We spent the day together with our students. After having lunch together we went for swimming at a nearby hotel. Here the students enjoyed a cultural show and a local dance group, also Santa Claus didnt't miss the party. All students received a t-shirt with the logo of Study for Life.

13th December 2017

Yesterday we started our holiday coaching program with some mathematical puzzles, a discussion and a quiz on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). Sponsored students from P5 attended the coaching session.

Our new flyers are finally ready. Please contact us in case you want to help us distribute them and make Study for Life known.

25th November 2017

We finally started our craft project. Guardians and students were taught how to cover bottle tops with fabric and how to produce nice table mats out of them. The first products are ready and waiting to be sold in Germany. The profit benefits the families as well as the projects of Study for Life in Uganda.

 8th October 2017

Today we organized another Activity Day for our students. After having breakfast together the older ones joined a session about stress management while the younger students learned how to keep their teeth strong and healthy. We also talked about efficient revising and and preparing for exams. Afterwards we created a memory game all together.